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Over the coming months will be rebranding gradually to become Whilst is a well-known and trusted name in the diving industry we believe better reflects our core objective as a dive community resource. Our research has also shown that is a more internationally recognisable and multilingual brand. We see the …

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Win an Octomask courtesy of Indepths.Org


Indepths.Org is launching a competition to win a brilliant Octomask. The Octomask has been designed to allow for hands free filming with your GoPro® whilst snorkelling, diving or freediving. The mask is lightweight with a silicone skirt for comfort, the lens is CE certified tempered glass and the frame is said to be strong enough …

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diving community

           is today proud to announce the re-launch of its website and launch into social media. The Indepths website has kept the same format and personal feel it is known for, but added new and improved features which include product reviews, and special offers …

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Film set to highlight disabled diving

dolphins feature in The Current

Quadruple London 2012 gold medal winning swimmer Missy Franklin has teamed up with film maker Kurt Miller to make an inspiration 40 minute documentary about how scuba diving can change the lives of disabled people. As well as being a medal winner, 17 year old Franklin is an advocate of helping others through adversity in …

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US to list corals as threatened species


The US’s National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has announced plans to list 66 coral species as either endangered or threatened. Designating them as such means the taking, harming and killing of colonies is illegal. The proposed listing is in response to a 2009 petition from the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) to list 83 coral …

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Fletcher’s Island could become marine reserve


Pitcairn Island, the South Pacific haven of the Bounty mutineers, is a proposed site for the world’s largest marine reserve. The Island’s Council recently voted in favour of banning commercial fishing in its 86,000 square kilometre Economic Zone (subsistence fishing by locals would still be allowed) and has put the deal to the British Government …

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Bite back shark ad banned

May 2011 Protea Banks, South Africa

Halloween was chosen by shark campaign group Bite-Back as a perfect time to try and show the world the true horror of shark finning. Sadly the 45 second advert detailing the real horror of the shark finning business, has been deemed too graphic and distressing to be shown on TV. Perhaps the people who decide …

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Try before you dive


  Google streetview could be coming to a dive site near you soon. Catlin Seaview Survey partnered with the internet giant and has started a new system for seeing underwater reefs in 360° on the Street View system. First on show are several reefs on the Great Barrier Reef. Catlin Seaview Survey is organising several expeditions …

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Follow Scottish sharks

Basking shark by Gavin Pasons

Armchair basking shark enthusiasts can get up close with the world’s second largest fish’s movements, around Western Scotland. Scottish Natural Heritage has put satellite tags on the last 20 sharks for the year and the public can see their movements on a website. Eight sharks are viewable on the site, several of which have been …

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University pays for reef damage


  The University of Miami is to pay US$ 482,000 as a penalty for damaging a coral reef in the. The university’s research vessel, the R/V Walton Smith ran aground on a reef in the National Park in November 2007 and the out of court settlement  has only just been made. It was posted on the …

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